One fun thing about being married to cam is never knowing which words were his last ones before crashing into sleep. working 70 hours a week really takes its toll on him. Last night was his turn to say the prayer, and i waited patiently for about 40 seconds until i woke him back up, so that i could be positive he was indeed sleeping and not thinking really hard about what to say next. this is not a rare happening... in fact just the opposite....and my favorite is when we are mid-conversation. while i talk he falls asleep... for about 2 mins then startles me with "i'm sorry i really am interested in what you...." only to trail off again! 2 mins later i will be startled again with some started off loud, then trailed in to a mumble, out-of-context half sentence to our previous conversation. he always falls asleep first. but there is something to be said for the mornings... he wakes up about as quickly as he falls asleep.... and i wake up about as slowly as i fall asleep... actaully, probably slower. So i guess we are even... as much as i don't like how quickly he falls asleep... he hates how slowly i wake up!!

becoming mr. & mrs.

just two road trippin' honeymooners...

the week after the wedding was spent driving in ol blue up there (seen with cam and a flat tire).. with NO air-conditioning I might add. With the windows down the whole way in attempts not to burn to death, it was hard to hear music or conversation, but we had fun on the way ! we spent some time in santa fe and dallas. rippley's believe it or not was a big hit... can you believe this is the actual height of this guy? we're looking forward to another 30 hour road trip here in a few months, and our vacation honeymoon in september.

Father's day in Mandeville

Happy father's day jelly-man kelly! I made dad a special treat- key lime pie... mmm, that's good. We sure had some fun diggin around the swamps for golf balls, eatin jo's cookin, texas sheet cake, pie, and playin wii. We are loving bein this close to momma and pappa scoff!