Rattlesnake Roundup

We are lucky enough to live within driving distance of the World's Largest Rattlesnake RoundUp, in Sweetwater, Tx... population 11,400. How could we pass up this annual event? So, on Saturday a few of us made the trip, battled the crowds (a very interesting crowd to say the least), and paid some cash to see some of this:

Handling demonstrations...

Excellent shopping!! I apologize that I did not take shopping requests prior to the trip! I know you would've wanted some of this... on your neck, keys, in your house....

...Especially this jarred snake head!

(Cam really liked these mason jar lamps...)

After shop browsing we headed over to the "milking pit"

For this event, rattlesnakes are hunted for a bounty of $10 a lb. and used for a variety of things. Many of the more unlucky ones... actually, I am assuming this is the fate of all the snakes, are sent to the chopping block:

"Dun-dun-DUN!" & "Off with their heads!"

Literally. Bucket full of snake heads below that stump, and then they are taken to the skinning station where we could've paid to skin our own snake. (fun fact: they still move and slither after their heads come off.... and after they are completely skinned....)

Here we see the roundup royalty, "The Snake Queen" and miss runner-up having their turn.
Ah, Texas. Well... small town Texas.

They did have a snake concession stand, but the line was out of control, and also practically shared with the public bathrooms, so we opted for the fair foods instead. Also, after watching them so freshly killed and skinned, our appetite for rattlesnake was a little shaken. I felt much more in the mood for a fried snickers....

Guilt free (almost..not really actually) when you are very pregnant and starving...

This was our last adventure before the biggest adventure we can imagine = baby boy. I think we feel satisfied with our choice! I think we've planned to have this be the family thing everyone looks forward to every year... if we end up living close or not. Some families go on camping trips, or to disney land... we'll be a round up family. :)

Maybe next time we will try a snake hunt:

Those wishing to participate in the guided hunts will need the following items:

  • *Container to hold live rattlesnakes - Jaycees normally use Rubbermaid™ trashcans, you may use the same or any other type of container you feel safe using.
  • *Hand Mirror
  • *High top boots - Jaycees usually wear snake boots which are knee high, other people wear regular boots and chaps.
  • *Snake bite kit
  • *Snake hooks or Tongs
  • *Meals and drinks are the responsibility of the hunters.
  • *After We leave coliseum , we will stop at a store so you can buy food & drinks.
  • *Please have Everything else , like hunting licenses & supplies.
Not only will a hand mirror help you see down a snake hole, but if you get bit you can watch yourself suffering. Good thing you brought a bite kit!