"Well, what about memories, because those are priceless": British Columbia

There are quite a few pictures in this post, but I want you to have a well rounded impression of our trip to B.C.

First, love my family. So fun to be with... even though we missed Taylor. These people are awesome!

Brought in Dad's 55th with style. He proved to all of us yet again, no matter his age he will always be physically superior to all of us. The man's an athlete! Haven't had a birthday with my parents in a while, so it was a treat. Love you pops!

When Beckham learns to blow out instead of up, no candle will stand a chance :)

There was no shortage of the most beauitful scenery EVER!

Also , no shortage of wildlife!

I know this doesn't probably look that exciting, but it was quite the adrenaline rush for me!

We stayed active the whole time with:



AND adding our germs to the world's 2nd germiest attraction (the GUM WALL)
Just to name a few.

That IS a pass-along card stuck to the wall. Spread the word :)

We recommend visitng B.C. if you ever get the chance...! Seriosuly awesome trip... seriously.