latest wedding video

Really a well done wedding and a lot of fun. I quite enjoy learning new camera and editing tricks and trying them out. This was one of my best friends Eliza's cousin's wedding, so I loved spending the day with her and liz, you make an EXCELLENT assistant, just name your price :) just thought i'd share... eventhough you don't know them... they will remind you or inspire you to be awesome and in love.

my video blog, as they come: (tosha, help me out here with your lovelies)

Oh say, can you see...?

I contributed to save this firework show, and I am pleased. What's Independence Day without them? Jo mama was able to be with all of us Bowen clan for the evening, yahoo!

Watching as they build up....

To the GRAND FINALE (yeah baby):

Glory, Glory Hallelujah.

O'er the land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE.

Sunshine and Soft Serve

2 years of marriage for us Bowens, and 3 years for the Foulgers. It was so fun to meet up with our besties in LA and set sail for the land of salsa and very pushy sales people. We ate, and then ate some more. coming home and then going to girl's camp a week later was not good for my summer slimming. memories to remember were made.

We love you porta and meesh, and Mexy... you're not too bad either.