Winter Travels: Belize

Between November and January I was on the go. I went to Arizona, Florida, Belize, Utah, and Japan. All of which were GREAT trips. I Love collecting stamps in my passport, and this past year (2011) I got 4! That's a pretty good year I think.

I went to Belize to celebrate and video my childhood best-friend's wedding. I didn't take many pictures, with a still camera at least... and so most of these are borrowed from other's (iincluding a professional or two from her photographers.

One day we went snorkeling, and I saw more than I ever have! Got to swim with nurse sharks, huge sting rays, sea turtles, many fishies, and an electric-green 6-foot-long eel (This was the coolest... something about the way it swam through the water just like a giant snake... super eerie!)

Moslty, it was awesome just to spend some time with my Houston favorites. I've been lucky enough to stay friends with some of these ladies, and they are just quality.

I didn't get many still shots, but I did get some video... I know I post this kind of stuff on my Purdy Birdy Video Blog, but sometimes it belongs here too.

Great trip!

Valentine's Party

There are many reasons to have a Valentine's party... celebrate love, date night, fun with friends and family, excuse to finally use some of the stuff I've been pinning for games and foods... SO, we had one.

I got no good pictures on my phone...

We had plenty of desserts to munch on

Including sweetie pie pops and Love Potion... with a "Caution: will result in hot, passionate, romance..."

We played some minute-to-win-it which I highly recommend and a question/answer game just like "the newly wed game"... couple's style for a grand prize date night to baskin robbins.

My cousin-in-law Allison got much better pictures and even some video of the evening... of her trying to knock 2 oranges into a hula hoop on the ground with nothing but a banana hanging from her waist. Pretty great, and can be seen HERE.

The contestants: "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN..."

...I Love my TOMS and dogs!

...Cafe Rio!

...Lint loves your belly button.


... The soon to be released Ipad 3!

Again, didn't get good pictures, but that can mean a few things, one... I was too lazy, or two... the night was just so fun, we weren't thinking about pictures! :)

Happy Valentine's!!