HERE YOU GO, TEIGAN!! Even though you have already seen these.

here is just a TATSE of the fun we had in Louisiana for Christmas:jackson square, new orleans... christmas eve

right hand star, left foot stalking, right foot christmas tree....
getting caught in a southern rain storm... and golfing through it.
shorts and t-shirts!!!!

we had great seats at a great game for the Utes! 

intense roman candle fireworks for new years... 

cam's new christmas pants... don't the suit him perfectly???!!

the shear joy of christmas morning... so what if we are all 21 or older.. 
apparently i didn't get the sexy serious pose in our chrismtas eve p.j. memo...
the whole scoffield/benson/bowen family at the christmas eve bon-fires!! 

and of course glorious seafood... and corn bread balls, that magically appear as soon as your plate is empty.  It was a lot of fun being home for the holidays, although we missed out on a lot here in salt lake with the bowen clan and friends.  next year!!