In August we have Teigan's on the 15th, Trav (cori's hubby) on the 16th, Cam and Cori's on the 18th, mine on the 24th, and out nephew Dax on the 26.  Even more cousins and grandparents to call too! Cam is 27!! his friends cam and travis suprised him with a SHOT GUN! well... the money for one because we are gonna wait until we get back to Utah, but finally!! they gave me charge over the money so that cam has to get one.  Not that he doesn't want one real bad, but he has been given opportunities to get a gun before and always ends up saving the money.  So this time it's not up to him! We had some friends over for surprise cake and ice cream, after cam and i had ribs and steak at texas road house.  His birthday was filled with waffles, jamba juice, cupcakes from scratch, steak, ribs, rolls, and more treats.  We hadnt eaten desserts for 4 weeks! so we celebrated big time! Cam kinda had a little "I am SO OLD moment" because he didnt want to go sky-diving... so we sat around listing "crazy" things he would still do at his old age of 27... and I think it worked! he enjoyed the rest of his day :)

corpus summer

Here is some pictures from the limited non-apx related activities we've gotten to do down here.  Hurricane Rita made for some exciting waves and skim-boarding at the beach.  it's not usually that exciting! Being this close to the famous King Ranch, and being a Scoffield... we had to go check it out.  That is the picture of the longhorn. beauty ain't it? an hour and a half of cattle and quarter horses and we can say we've been there! score some points with the grandparents ;) the last picture is of a mixer I helped put on for my internship. Cam came with me and was the only person i knew besides my co-workers... we stole away for a few min to the coast, and drank our cranberry juice and crackers. I finished my last day there yesterday... HOME IS SO CLOSE!!!!!! we can't wait.