We celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year. Knowing we would be out of town on actual Thanksgiving day, we did a Lubbock family dinner a little early. It was DELISH! We had the full traditional spread, plus some, and it was amazing. See here:

Thankful cheers!

Dig right in.

A little Utah Utes football action

Allison and her apple pie...mmm :)

Apple, German chocolate, Banana Cream and Pumpkin PIE

A very filling and cozy day indeed. For the calendar Thanksgiving week, we trotted off to Orlando, FL for some theme park, warm weather, swampy, family goodness. I was very pleased that the parks were decked out for Christmas, with music, fake snow, sparkly lights, and sea creatures everywhere we went.

The "Coral Reef" and a very entertaining Walrus. (Our Thanksgiving friends...)

We got to share Thanksgiving with a HUGE killer whale... you may have heard of Shamu?? Yes, well, he is beyond awesome to see in person... we saw the show a few times. One Christmas version, one not.

We filmed some of it on our phones, and I didn't edit it down so be patient until the end because the coolest jumps are there. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!