our second 4th of July in TEXAS together

we sure love independence 'round here.  we made holiday cupcakes from scratch and they were sure delicious! this picture is of Cam getting ready to carry them around our complex giving out holiday cheer to friends and those we passed.  mostly just to our friends here though.  you had to sing the Star Spangled Banner before you could take a bite though.  we enjoyed some American food: american cheese burgers, fries, and classic cokes.... then hit the beach for some fire works.  they shot them off a huge boat in the ocean. not bad at all!

we are in corpus christi, texas now by the way!!  been here almost 2 weeks... and we are making the best of it.  apx is still goin strong, but i no longer have a job or family near-by.  it was sure sad having to leave! we got 24 hours  heads up... crazy.  i had a nice little set up in louisiana, but only about 6 weeks left here, so who wants to hire me?? i've found an internship with a video editing company that i start next week. hopefully i learn how to get started in all that.  mmmmhmmm 

"proud to be an American" 

Teigan, we ate extra of these in honor of you!!