Another day in the life..

Cam's days consist of sitting in a model unit of some condos, waiting for people to walk-in for information.  Regardless of how bored he gets, he never leaves to go get food.  Those of you who know cam understand, this isnt unusual... food is more of a necessity to him, and a bother.. unlike me, who can't wait until the next time i get to eat something.  So being a nice wifey, i bring him lunch whenever I can to make sure he eats. The other week my mom was there to document this moment:

The hand off:
Cam, really excited about his sandwhich:
apparently I got my dad's habit of stealing food, but i made the thing, so i think i should try it? :
a really lovely fire-place pose:

ski day with "the southerners"

what a pretty day... foot of new snow, sunshine and blue skies! this is what rocks about Utah.
because I was trying to keep this evil chair from crushing my unexpecting father, I couldn't get my camera out quick enough to get a shot of the full extent of this situation.  Picture him on his stomach, with the chair completely over his back and head!! "A perfect 10" we all applauded.  It was a 20 second process of dad being dragged by the lift until finally it dominated and the lifty FINALLY shut this rogue machine off.  With about 300 people watching, it was no minor incident.  As dad stood up, dusting himself off, he loudly explained, "I'm from New Orleans!! I'm just a southerner!"  
getting up and back on was not an easy task.
as always, couldn't get warm enough!

isn't she adorable?

Happy Birthday Deb!

Awesome dinner+Quality people+Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate= a fun celebration for Deb!