To make my mom smile...

As most of you know, our mom had a heart attack 2 weeks ago... all the way over in Japan. There were ups and downs, some serious complications and scares for a time, but things seem to be looking up. So this is a video "Get Well" card to our JoJo. Growing up our mom would wake us up by saying, "Up and adam, adam ant!" (from an old cartoon she watched growing up starring a super hero ant.... that was his take-off cry...) So now it is our turn to say it back to her, as she has been asleep for a week. Jeez, lazy :) We mixed together some favorite family tunes, for that old familiar good time. She finally got to watch it for the first time today... and had to stop half way through because she was laughing so hard it hurt her heart too much. I guess it did what we wanted... made her smile. Although, the pain was neither intended or preferred. So Daughters orders, Mom, Don't watch until your heart can take it.

So motha dearest, here is what happened... While You Were Sleeping:

While you were Sleeping... from Tia Bowen on Vimeo.

Scoffield Monster Mash

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Mr. Brad Paisley

Cam got me tickets for my birthday to Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley. Absolutely Incredible. Teigan, sorry you couldn't be there, but Alaina and I did some poses and a dance for you, you can view it at the end. We were trying to get the whole crowd joined in... Alas, we were loaners. But they really put on a good show. Brad is a classy guy. An excellent birthday gift, thanks Cam!!

"Cowboys like us, sure do have fun..."

After being rained out last time we attempted this trip, we couldn't have asked for a better day the second try. Grandpa stopped us after about an hour into the journey to White Pine lake, and pointed out the view, "See, what man made you can see from a car. What God made, well, you can only see from horse-back."

amen, gramps.

Baby Beckham is here!

And then there were three... from Tia Bowen on Vimeo.

Introducing my newest nephew, Beckham... aka "Hux". Welcome to the world, little man.

britany's shower.. cute ideas

we go together liker... peanut butter and jelly, chips and dip, and watermelon and summer!!

Lauren's wedding in Virginia

Lauren's married! it was a good excuse to go back to one of our "homes" and take Cam with me. We had an excellent time! I got to catch up with and cam got to meet (since the first time at our wedding) some of my favorite people. Lauren's wedding was awesome.. and I am actually doing the video for it, so I will post that when it's done. Here are some highlights of our trip in pictures.

brian regan

for our one year i got cam tickets to see brian regan down at tuacahn a few weeks ago. it was a blast! just watching him walk around and his facial expressions were enough.. he is so goofy you can't help but laugh! he's got some pretty good material too. in the car, before the show, we gave our best "brian regan faces" for the camera. what do you think?

this is not at tuachan, and it's not his new tour material... but funny none-the-less...


hey, if you like something, you let the world know!

happy mother's day, Jopie

i sure do love ya, momma jo!

mom, now that you are farther away we've decided to share our mother's day love with you via technology and the internet. even though it is already monday after mother's day for you now, here in america we are still celebrating you today. out of many special gifts and talents you and dad have pasted on to the scoffield sisters, dancing is above and beyond all of them. you've always said you want to learn some of our moves... and i regret that they are not more teachable. please watch my mother's day message, and be proud of your own flesh and blood. :) xoxoxo

"here's where it gets nasty..."

this was captured on the road trip home from louisiana, although i get to experience it very frequently... which for those of you who know me, cam is not alone in his weirdness. I am right along side him with killer moves myself. watching this just makes me so proud... :)

seasoned veterans of marriage

we made a weekend out of our one year. Cam made the plans and booked a charming cabin type condo in Park City for 2 nights. It was full of going out to dinner, movies by the fire, hot tub on the back deck, and of course eating plenty of treats. we watched all of our different videos of getting engaged, wedding slideshow and i finally showed him the video i made that is posted below. I got cam tickets to see the comedian Brian Regan in St. George in 2 weeks, and I just got back from a one hour massage and one hour facial that cam got for me! I feel like butter. I have never been so moisturized and soft!! :)

one year!!

we are off to celebrate our first year of marriage in park city for the weekend. Cam has planned some fun. We leave you for now with this recap of what was going on one year ago... oh how time flies! what a fun time that was and continues to be. mmmmm, love.

4.26.08 Tribute from Tia Bowen on Vimeo.

son of a gun, we'll have big fun on da bayou

just modeling in the moss. it's a good touch, no?

the snake on the right is  diamond back water snake which is not poisonous. after my research I think this is the kind of snake we found.  You be the judge!! I don't think it was a cotton mouth (pictured below)... if it was, we were really quite stupid for messing with it.. but hey, we survived.

cam moving food storage to the truck.
hands-off ladies....
last time at 805 bocage lane 
jenna and jo ellen

what a long drive, esp. in 2 days... but we can't conplaim... we got hooked up!! this is one of the silver linings to having mom and dad moving out of the country.  If they can't take their stuff, we sure can.  and we DID! we sure are gonna miss this place though.  on to the next...!