welcome Taylor Anne Johnson

Angela and Troy had their little girl!!  

Thriller! Thriller Nights... in St. George

momma jo was in st. george for the week, and one of the perks of being unemployed is.. being able to leave town whenever you want! (as long as it's cheap) so we took a weekend trip down south to visit grandma Ruthie and my mom.  I wish we didn't have to leave! I learned to make these hot pads! (pictured above) Grandma makes about 500 every christmas, so I figured I tried to tap into the McIntire talent of sewing.  as you can tell, I am a natural... :)

    Also,  we went and saw...........
THRILLER! friday night... always a spooky time :) Cam and I have seen it a hand-ful of times, but this was Jo Jo's first.  Cam and I would watch her during the parts we thought might startle her.. and she she stayed pretty composed! (although she said it got her heart racing a few times)

we had some fun with the living and dead this weekend.  and gained about 100 lbs. due to key lime, sour cream lemon, and chocolate pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner, oodles of homemade carmel corn, and mom's constant purse stash of peanut m&m's.  I LOVE OCTOBER!!!

winner winner chicken dinner

ya win some, ya lose some... and we WON some!! :) Thanks to APX Alarm's outrageous end of year party, cam walked... or rode... away from the party on a brand new full suspension Trek mountain bike! 50 people out of the 6,000+ got one and cam's little bum was lucky to find a new friend to sit on as he rides around in style.  I was 3 numbers off from getting one myself, but Cam def. is the one who deserves it more.  The bike he has been ridin' is too small for me, due to the fact he's had it since he was around 13.  His smile didn't fade all night.  and he made sure to say hi and bye to it whenever we've left it alone for a time.  We also walked away with some extra cash our office won during "Apx deal or no deal"... enough even that at dinner cam exclaimed..."let's celebrate and splurge!" so we split Chili's steak and chicken fajitas with a side half rack of ribs... :) HIGH ROLLAS!! almost too much celebration for us to handle.  almost.

can't beat it...

favorite time of the year! We've already started enjoying hot chocolate, pumkin muffins, carmel apples, fire places, hoodies and the smells of cold crisp mountain air! for those of you missing Utah's awesome fall season, here is a sight for longing eyes... :)  All of my fall/winter clothes are packed in doug and deb's basement, but that is my only complaint about the changes!!

conference time is a glorious time

Kelly and Jo got us tickets for Sunday afternoon!  It's always a treat to be in the conference center.  We ran into some good friends ( the carvers from virginia) who I havnt seen in a long time! also we spent about and hour afterwards catching up with kim and leslie mclea from houston... loved it! Then alaina came home with us to a wonder surf- and-turf meal from debbie, with homemade peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream to top it off. mmmm, love sundays!

Honeymoon in Mayan Riviera, Mexico

we just got home, and it sure was fun.  we spent most of our time eating... swimming... eating... swimming.. and watching the nightly shows like lion king and the circus.  

underground cave snorkeling! and our tour guide gus gus... 

wish you could see it better... it was amazing

Tulum, Mexico.  This beach was so nice, we swan around as long as our tour  let us.

The Tulum Ruins

cam zippin' along in the thick jungle


In August we have Teigan's on the 15th, Trav (cori's hubby) on the 16th, Cam and Cori's on the 18th, mine on the 24th, and out nephew Dax on the 26.  Even more cousins and grandparents to call too! Cam is 27!! his friends cam and travis suprised him with a SHOT GUN! well... the money for one because we are gonna wait until we get back to Utah, but finally!! they gave me charge over the money so that cam has to get one.  Not that he doesn't want one real bad, but he has been given opportunities to get a gun before and always ends up saving the money.  So this time it's not up to him! We had some friends over for surprise cake and ice cream, after cam and i had ribs and steak at texas road house.  His birthday was filled with waffles, jamba juice, cupcakes from scratch, steak, ribs, rolls, and more treats.  We hadnt eaten desserts for 4 weeks! so we celebrated big time! Cam kinda had a little "I am SO OLD moment" because he didnt want to go sky-diving... so we sat around listing "crazy" things he would still do at his old age of 27... and I think it worked! he enjoyed the rest of his day :)

corpus summer

Here is some pictures from the limited non-apx related activities we've gotten to do down here.  Hurricane Rita made for some exciting waves and skim-boarding at the beach.  it's not usually that exciting! Being this close to the famous King Ranch, and being a Scoffield... we had to go check it out.  That is the picture of the longhorn. beauty ain't it? an hour and a half of cattle and quarter horses and we can say we've been there! score some points with the grandparents ;) the last picture is of a mixer I helped put on for my internship. Cam came with me and was the only person i knew besides my co-workers... we stole away for a few min to the coast, and drank our cranberry juice and crackers. I finished my last day there yesterday... HOME IS SO CLOSE!!!!!! we can't wait.

our second 4th of July in TEXAS together

we sure love independence 'round here.  we made holiday cupcakes from scratch and they were sure delicious! this picture is of Cam getting ready to carry them around our complex giving out holiday cheer to friends and those we passed.  mostly just to our friends here though.  you had to sing the Star Spangled Banner before you could take a bite though.  we enjoyed some American food: american cheese burgers, fries, and classic cokes.... then hit the beach for some fire works.  they shot them off a huge boat in the ocean. not bad at all!

we are in corpus christi, texas now by the way!!  been here almost 2 weeks... and we are making the best of it.  apx is still goin strong, but i no longer have a job or family near-by.  it was sure sad having to leave! we got 24 hours  heads up... crazy.  i had a nice little set up in louisiana, but only about 6 weeks left here, so who wants to hire me?? i've found an internship with a video editing company that i start next week. hopefully i learn how to get started in all that.  mmmmhmmm 

"proud to be an American" 

Teigan, we ate extra of these in honor of you!!


One fun thing about being married to cam is never knowing which words were his last ones before crashing into sleep. working 70 hours a week really takes its toll on him. Last night was his turn to say the prayer, and i waited patiently for about 40 seconds until i woke him back up, so that i could be positive he was indeed sleeping and not thinking really hard about what to say next. this is not a rare happening... in fact just the opposite....and my favorite is when we are mid-conversation. while i talk he falls asleep... for about 2 mins then startles me with "i'm sorry i really am interested in what you...." only to trail off again! 2 mins later i will be startled again with some started off loud, then trailed in to a mumble, out-of-context half sentence to our previous conversation. he always falls asleep first. but there is something to be said for the mornings... he wakes up about as quickly as he falls asleep.... and i wake up about as slowly as i fall asleep... actaully, probably slower. So i guess we are even... as much as i don't like how quickly he falls asleep... he hates how slowly i wake up!!

becoming mr. & mrs.

just two road trippin' honeymooners...

the week after the wedding was spent driving in ol blue up there (seen with cam and a flat tire).. with NO air-conditioning I might add. With the windows down the whole way in attempts not to burn to death, it was hard to hear music or conversation, but we had fun on the way ! we spent some time in santa fe and dallas. rippley's believe it or not was a big hit... can you believe this is the actual height of this guy? we're looking forward to another 30 hour road trip here in a few months, and our vacation honeymoon in september.

Father's day in Mandeville

Happy father's day jelly-man kelly! I made dad a special treat- key lime pie... mmm, that's good. We sure had some fun diggin around the swamps for golf balls, eatin jo's cookin, texas sheet cake, pie, and playin wii. We are loving bein this close to momma and pappa scoff!

April 26, 2008 :)

What a perfectly awesome day.....