To make my mom smile...

As most of you know, our mom had a heart attack 2 weeks ago... all the way over in Japan. There were ups and downs, some serious complications and scares for a time, but things seem to be looking up. So this is a video "Get Well" card to our JoJo. Growing up our mom would wake us up by saying, "Up and adam, adam ant!" (from an old cartoon she watched growing up starring a super hero ant.... that was his take-off cry...) So now it is our turn to say it back to her, as she has been asleep for a week. Jeez, lazy :) We mixed together some favorite family tunes, for that old familiar good time. She finally got to watch it for the first time today... and had to stop half way through because she was laughing so hard it hurt her heart too much. I guess it did what we wanted... made her smile. Although, the pain was neither intended or preferred. So Daughters orders, Mom, Don't watch until your heart can take it.

So motha dearest, here is what happened... While You Were Sleeping:

While you were Sleeping... from Tia Bowen on Vimeo.

Scoffield Monster Mash

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