Liam is ONE

One from Tia Bowen on Vimeo.

I made this little video so that we can remember what our lives are like with little one-year old Liam.

O Come, Emmanuel

Happy Christmas season.

Happy Fall, Ya'll.

The best time of year.

 Angel Fire, NM


August was busy, and full of awesome things....birthdays, blessings and graduation!

It kicked off with Cam graduating from Texas Tech with a Personal Financial Planning Masters and an MBA.  He did so well and I am quite proud of this guy:
Can you spot Cam?

Guns up

 Leelee was a good sport during the ceremony.

This is my favorite picture.  
Liam always sticks is arms out like this.

We blessed the little man: 

Cam turned 31

The man loves York peppermint patties.

Sister Teigan turned 30, and her sweet husband enlisted family and friends to send us videos and pictures saying "happy birthday" as a virtual surprise party for her.  There is some footage of her 18th birthday mixed in as well.  

On the big 3-0, one should be surrounded by friends, and should not have to make their own cake. Here's to you, Teigan... smile big.

We went on a little trip to New Mexico, just the two of us... leaving Liam with G-ma Deb.

We went to Ruidoso, NM and did some hiking, Batman watching, eating and SLEEPING IN!

On the way home we stopped in Roswell, NM because we couldn't just pass up the famous alien museum.  Roswell is known for their history with alien encounters and "The Roswell Incident".  It wasn't the highest quality museum, but it's nice to know that if we needed to put up our own museum  we could laminate construction paper and tack it to the wall and people would be ok with that.

Our new friends.

Then we headed out to Denver and I decided to turned 27.

These boy cousins are the cutest.

August was a good month! Fun to be busy, see so much family, and do so much celebrating of  exciting things.


Here we are at the end of July... I feel like we haven't had a very busy summer at all, but we do have a few things to show.

June was pretty busy- and fun.  It started off with my high school best friend and baby daughter (who I hadn't met yet!) came to visit us here in Lubbock.  Her cute hubby surprised her with a ticket for mother's day... score for us!  It was so fun to have them here.

Then Liam and I made a trip to Utah to meet my parents and visit family.  I got to see a few of my closest pals, such a treat.

Tosha needed to test the size of some bows she made for her baby girl, and Liam was willing to try it out.

He enjoyed it.

Liam met my grandparents for the first time

Generation picture:

Then we went to Reno/Tahoe to see the rest of the Scoffield girls and anxiously await the arrival of our newest nephew, Logan Grant Benson... who I do not have a picture of, but is very cute indeed.  Unfortunately, Liam and I did not get to meet him, we left about one day to early.  We still quite enjoyed our time in Tahoe though. 

This kid loves flags. LOVES THEM.

We came home and celebrated the birth of our country and the birth of our new nephew Logan by hanging out by a pool with some good friends and of course, eating!

Love this bebe.

Quick! But there you have it! 

Liam is fast approaching the 4 month mark.  He does not love to sleep during the day, he really acts like he is going to miss too much and just won't stand for it.  We are working on it, tirelessly... but not really, we are pretty tired.
He does love to eat, talk, smile and take baths.

He always gets distracted by the camera and stops what he was doing.

He says "hello!"