family in town

When they travel as far as Tokyo, (and Omaha) it's only worth it if you stay for a good while... still, it's never enough.

Way to go Lani... ya sistas couldn't be more proud to have another true aggie in the family.

Cam never walked, so Lani was kind enough to lend her outfit and dipoma for the good of the people... or just cam. Somehow, it made it feel legit. so, cheers to you to, my dear. Another true aggie in the family. (in the other sense of the word, I really did make him a real... true aggie. Not as cute of a story as you'd think)

my lil' dude, the beckster. He's my pal.

makes me swell with pride.

And, celebrating mother's day with BOTH moms was a rare treat. (all the 2 mother's days we have had together, but still, I know this won't happen often)

we put together a book for mom-jo this time with memories showing a characterisitc of her that us daughters hope to have when we are moms... mine was: as a little one (and still has a bigger one) my imagination was grandiose.. and one night, I SWORE I saw a UFO fly over our house, twinkling lights and all. I bolted downstairs and took my mom out side with me to search the sky. She not only let me have my fun, but seemed just as invested to look everywhere for it. Her response to my pages, was "Well, who was I to tell you that you hadn't seen a UFO? maybe you did." someone who encourages imagination :) I love my family, Bowens and Scoffields.