We celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year. Knowing we would be out of town on actual Thanksgiving day, we did a Lubbock family dinner a little early. It was DELISH! We had the full traditional spread, plus some, and it was amazing. See here:

Thankful cheers!

Dig right in.

A little Utah Utes football action

Allison and her apple pie...mmm :)

Apple, German chocolate, Banana Cream and Pumpkin PIE

A very filling and cozy day indeed. For the calendar Thanksgiving week, we trotted off to Orlando, FL for some theme park, warm weather, swampy, family goodness. I was very pleased that the parks were decked out for Christmas, with music, fake snow, sparkly lights, and sea creatures everywhere we went.

The "Coral Reef" and a very entertaining Walrus. (Our Thanksgiving friends...)

We got to share Thanksgiving with a HUGE killer whale... you may have heard of Shamu?? Yes, well, he is beyond awesome to see in person... we saw the show a few times. One Christmas version, one not.

We filmed some of it on our phones, and I didn't edit it down so be patient until the end because the coolest jumps are there. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

First comes Love, Then comes marriage, Then comes....

A BABY in a baby carriage!! It's true....

And we are also excited to announce that it's a BOY! Wanna see him?

The cutest fuzzy little black and white man we've ever seen. Because he is all ours. We are half way there... due April 1st...!

Denver in October

Cam had a few extra days off of school for fall break, so we decided to make the drive to Denver... Most importantly to meet this little love, Aimsley Mae:

She is amazing... well done, Porter & Michelle!!

We did as many fall friendly things as we could, including a corn maze:

"Which way, guys?!"

"Scary" was also a theme of weekend... naturally, as Halloween comes ever closer. During our walk through corn, Cam and Porter REALLY got us good....

They ran out at as yelling "Children of the Corn!!!".... super "spooky scary." More like, grown adults of the corn.

One thing Lubbock lacks in mountainous terrain... sad. So we quite enjoyed walking around these trails for a while...

Aimsley is a natural mountain woman! Next step, wrestling bears and starting camp fires with her mind.

Indo really knows how to pick the sticks that are appropriate for his size:

We carved pumpkins:

We enjoyed the quaint little town of Golden, and had a poto shoot with the street sign after filling up on pizza and salad.

And took many "smooshed" face pictures.

We even woke up one morning to this:

It was a perfect fall weekend with our friends. Not much is better in my book than cool crisp days, chilly nights, sweatshirts and jackets, carmel apples, halloween candy, pumpkin baked goods, and other comfort foods- including Cafe Rio wich we rarley get anymore, movies, Autumn hikes and new baby Aimsley- oh, and the Foulgers of course. We were sad to have to leave.

Side note- we listened to The Unbroken there and back, which we highly recommend if you have yet to read it.

Anyways, good trip. Thanks Porter & Michelle for such a "spoooky scaaaary" time. We love you guys and Colorado.

80 Years

Happy 80th birthday to our Grandpa Cal!

My grandma planned a suprise party for him, and athough I was not able to attend, with the help of my mom and family to get some footage, we put together a little tribute video of his cowboy-ness.

Here he is:

"Well, what about memories, because those are priceless": British Columbia

There are quite a few pictures in this post, but I want you to have a well rounded impression of our trip to B.C.

First, love my family. So fun to be with... even though we missed Taylor. These people are awesome!

Brought in Dad's 55th with style. He proved to all of us yet again, no matter his age he will always be physically superior to all of us. The man's an athlete! Haven't had a birthday with my parents in a while, so it was a treat. Love you pops!

When Beckham learns to blow out instead of up, no candle will stand a chance :)

There was no shortage of the most beauitful scenery EVER!

Also , no shortage of wildlife!

I know this doesn't probably look that exciting, but it was quite the adrenaline rush for me!

We stayed active the whole time with:



AND adding our germs to the world's 2nd germiest attraction (the GUM WALL)
Just to name a few.

That IS a pass-along card stuck to the wall. Spread the word :)

We recommend visitng B.C. if you ever get the chance...! Seriosuly awesome trip... seriously.

Ironing Board

Today Cam asked me very seriosuly, "Do you want to get an ironing board later?"

And I said, "Oh? Um, are you asking me on a date?"

"No, I just really want to go get a regular sized ironing board. Our's is too small and it hurts my back. I've been wanting one for a while."

"Ok... suuuuree? Did you have a place in mind?"


And the plans were set.

On our way home he asked me if I was going to blog about it so that everyone could know that he got a new regular sized ironing board. I told him I would... for him.

So, this is that post.

Welcome to our house, new full sized ironing board.

Easter Weekend

Cam's parents came in town for Easter weekend! Always a good time. We did many things that resulted in feasting, but I am not complaining. We celebrated this little cutie:


(Checking out her new loot with Grandma)

Happy 1st Birthday to our neice, Merika!

Then we had Easter dinner... The Spread:

Cam the man on the grill

(Deb's handmade chocolates!)

Yes, most of the pictures of our weekend are of food. I guess that was the center of my attention... :)