Ironing Board

Today Cam asked me very seriosuly, "Do you want to get an ironing board later?"

And I said, "Oh? Um, are you asking me on a date?"

"No, I just really want to go get a regular sized ironing board. Our's is too small and it hurts my back. I've been wanting one for a while."

"Ok... suuuuree? Did you have a place in mind?"


And the plans were set.

On our way home he asked me if I was going to blog about it so that everyone could know that he got a new regular sized ironing board. I told him I would... for him.

So, this is that post.

Welcome to our house, new full sized ironing board.

Easter Weekend

Cam's parents came in town for Easter weekend! Always a good time. We did many things that resulted in feasting, but I am not complaining. We celebrated this little cutie:


(Checking out her new loot with Grandma)

Happy 1st Birthday to our neice, Merika!

Then we had Easter dinner... The Spread:

Cam the man on the grill

(Deb's handmade chocolates!)

Yes, most of the pictures of our weekend are of food. I guess that was the center of my attention... :)

Wednesday Mail

I had some fun mail on wednesday. Sure did. Nice to meet you! Please make me look good.... :)