birthday camping to the MAXX, pepsi maxx

This weekend we went camping in honor of 3 birthdays: Cam's, mine, and Porter's. Since we moved to Lubbock, and the Foulgers moved to Denver, we found a spot pretty smack in the middle: Santa Fe, New Mexico. We met in town, then drove up into the national park and found a pretty good little site. we had some SERIOUS fun. It was a perfect good-bye summer, hello fall weekend too. Warm enough for t-shirt hikes up and down mountains (literally...) during the day, and cool and crisp enough for sweatshirts and crackling fires at night. LOVE THAT! We played lots of games, including boys vs. girls in We each made up prompts for the other team and I got to act out a "a show-off giraffe who has to be center of attention", and also "viciously stabbing a cat sitting in my lap." Too bad you missed it. It really was a FIERESOME belated birthday celebration for Cam and I and a happy 29th to Mr. Porter. We love you Foulgies, and wish the rest of you could've joined us. Come on, everyone... let's GO!

"it's Porter's Birthday" faces.

Double 'sMore!! NO WAY!

After a hike... santa fe in the background...

Twinner tents... both of them wedding gifts from eachother+... set up "downstairs" so we could talk back and forth all night. or yell random words starting with a-z in the alphabet.

football season

It has started again. College football... Cam's love affair. especially now that we have DVR, he gets to watch all his games, and I get to watch this:

brithdays and moving

for our birthdays this year, we moved OUT on Cam's and moved IN on mine :) Not the least frustrating way to spend any day, let a lone a birthday, but we still enjoyed some good treats.

key-lime pie is both our favorite, so I made one for cam, and we just ate it with forks straight out the pan. plates were already packed, you see. But that is what we wanted to do anyways :) If anyone needs a good recipe, the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook one is tried and true in my book. Let me know if you wanna try it.

We stopped at every state sign on the way down. Felt a common trend among the posing:

Finally residing in:

Two WONDERFUL things about being back in the south are: Raisin Cane's fried Chicken and Bluebell icecream. Which I was luck enough to enjoy BOTH on my birthday:

Thanks to Cori, Trav, Merika and mama Bowen for a DELIGHTFULLY delicious birthday meal and ohhhhhhh, the chocolate cake. which Cori named "death by chocolate". 'bout right.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday love and help moving. We are getting settled here in Lubbock. Spending lots of time being quite Lost, but still excited. :) A new adventure for our 29th and 25th years!