Denver in October

Cam had a few extra days off of school for fall break, so we decided to make the drive to Denver... Most importantly to meet this little love, Aimsley Mae:

She is amazing... well done, Porter & Michelle!!

We did as many fall friendly things as we could, including a corn maze:

"Which way, guys?!"

"Scary" was also a theme of weekend... naturally, as Halloween comes ever closer. During our walk through corn, Cam and Porter REALLY got us good....

They ran out at as yelling "Children of the Corn!!!".... super "spooky scary." More like, grown adults of the corn.

One thing Lubbock lacks in mountainous terrain... sad. So we quite enjoyed walking around these trails for a while...

Aimsley is a natural mountain woman! Next step, wrestling bears and starting camp fires with her mind.

Indo really knows how to pick the sticks that are appropriate for his size:

We carved pumpkins:

We enjoyed the quaint little town of Golden, and had a poto shoot with the street sign after filling up on pizza and salad.

And took many "smooshed" face pictures.

We even woke up one morning to this:

It was a perfect fall weekend with our friends. Not much is better in my book than cool crisp days, chilly nights, sweatshirts and jackets, carmel apples, halloween candy, pumpkin baked goods, and other comfort foods- including Cafe Rio wich we rarley get anymore, movies, Autumn hikes and new baby Aimsley- oh, and the Foulgers of course. We were sad to have to leave.

Side note- we listened to The Unbroken there and back, which we highly recommend if you have yet to read it.

Anyways, good trip. Thanks Porter & Michelle for such a "spoooky scaaaary" time. We love you guys and Colorado.