We celebrated family thanksgivng last week when the Bowens flew in to Lubbock. We all cooked a rather delicious thanksgiving meal and vegged on the couch in sweats. Excellent day, really. So on the calendar's Thanksgivng, Cam and I (who are we kidding, just me) didn't want to cook, so we ate out at none-other, but the Golden Corral!! Knowing we were not going to take it easy on a buffet, plus it being the annual day where "gluttony becomes a patriotic duty," we started the day with a run:

All week it's been in the 70's, but on Thanksgiving the high was 40 (yes, I know you Utahn's were in the teens) but for running, it makes for some cold ears and noses. Here I am catching my breath while trying to get feeling back in my ears at the end of the run.

Then off to the Corral, yeeeehaw:

Good thing we got there a few hours before closing! sheesh... had no idea they would be this packed! We had to wait for an hour to get any food. Happenin' place, in case you were wondering.

We were stuffed to the brim. It actually was pretty good, and it doesn't hurt to be able to have a taste of everything. That is what I love about buffets... you can have a piece of this and a taste of that, cause sometimes thats how I roll.

Afterwards, we went straight to see Harry Potter 7 then came home and again vegged on the couch in sweats with the fire on. A very fun Thanksgiving!